The Process

Most financial experts agree, that clearly defining your financial goals, as well as periodically monitoring your progress, gives you a better chance to be able to live the life you desire.  We call this process “The Life Planning Process” in which a person's core beliefs and values are at the heart of their individual financial plan.  “Life Planning” is a new and powerful way of understanding the dynamics of money in your life, and ultimately how this type of planning can help turn your goals and dreams into realities.

We also use a unique and very personalized financial discovery and fact finding method called E-V-O-K-E. EVOKE being an acronym for Exploration, Vision, Obstacles, Knowledge, and Execution.  The EVOKE communication method helps both you and New Concept gain a better understanding of your needs and goals. So, whether your goals include funding for your child's education, saving for a new home, enjoying vacations, protecting your family, or retiring in comfort, you can count on informed, qualified recommendations. Most importantly because we are independent, you get unbiased, straight-forward advice based on your own goals, not on ours.